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KISS - Keep it short n simple

Posted on 27th Oct 2016

Want food? How about instant noodles or curry packs? Want entertainment? How about live streaming? Want news? How about a short news app?

Fast paced lives, technology and gadgets have turned instant gratification into an imperative and not a luxury that it was once considered to be. The theory of a longer route being the righter route is no longer valid in the age of the internet. Be it the little tweets or the short news apps, the formula is simple- the acronym translates to KISS Keep it short n simple.

It s been a little less than a year since way2 made a formal foray into the short news space in Dec 2015. The numbers have grown exponentially since then and we d like to let you know how we work to get you the best, the most relevant and the right crux of the news in less than 400 characters from a news piece which may run into 400-1000 words.

So there is a method to the madness. It is not mere precis writing. It is about holding the essentials of what, where, why, when, how in place. It is getting the bang for each letter and word that we put there.

We have Donald Trump in the news every day, but what is the news piece really trying to say, about how much of a bigot he is, or how lame some of his statements are or how the whole world is scared to have a xenophobic guy run the most powerful country in the world.

We also have a new phone being launched almost every month. But what does our reader want to know. The phone specifications or its price or its availability or company credibility or how this has one particular feature that everyone is dying to know about.

There is a murder which TV anchors have been crying hoarse over for over a year. But do we give it as plain facts or temper it a bit to make it lose the sensationalism?

That got you thinking right? Well yes indeed, short news is anything but a small job. Sifting through hundreds of news stories to write those 100 which will interest our reader, is not child s play. And then the peg, the essence of a news piece, which will stay with the reader, is a matter of reporting integrity where you sensationalize less and present more of factual information without distorting the story thread. And last but not the least, is giving all of this within minutes of what happens as it happens.

So we have to be thinking quick on the feet, slow on the sensationalism or sleaze, rapid on the delivery, and high on content. Short news is not selling news short, short news is the BIG news in today s time and space. Get your short news, get way2.

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