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Beware of fraudsters who call up to say way2SMS has a lucky prize for you

Posted on 20th Jan 2016

We have recently received mails from our users informing us of how they have been tricked by fraudsters, who have falsely claimed that they are from way2sms. Just to give you an idea of how these tricksters operate. An unsuspecting user gets a call. The caller identifies himself by falsely stating that he is from way2sms. The caller then weaves a fictitious story saying, You have won a necklace worth Rs.6500 in a lucky draw and also phone talk time of Rs.3000. Thereafter he asks the person receiving the call to pay Rs 995 as taxes to get that gift.

Some gullible users have fallen prey to these trick calls. They have actually paid the money and got a trashy necklace worth not more than Rs 50 and a fake recharge coupon, which obviously does not work. This seems to be a classic case of organized fraud wherein different users are getting calls from different numbers projecting the same story of lucky draw and free talk time. When the same number from which the call came is contacted again, it seems that there is no right person to take that call.

We have received mails from various areas across the country, so this is not a region-specific fraud. We would like to inform our users that way2sms has not conducted any such lucky draw and if they receive a phone call such as one mentioned above, they must know that it is a fraud. Nor are we as a company doling out free talk time to any users. We would urge you to exercise utmost caution in the event of any such phone call and write to us immediately informing us of the phone number of the caller so that legal action can be taken at our end.

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