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Make Way for Way2

Posted on 08th Dec 2015

It is time for us to announce a new beginning. We have been preparing for it for long and the moment is now ripe for us to take off from the launch pad onto a real exciting form. First of all, we are becoming leaner with our app name. And second, we are becoming keener with offering much more than just sms to our audience. With the new name comes the second bit, the keener part. This part is what is going to give a whole new dimension to our changing identity while continuing with our erstwhile service of free sms. way2 is an app that brings to you short summarized nuggets of news in local languages, in a magazine style format. Way2 will offer short news bytes in Hindi, Marathi, Malyalam, Tamil, Bangla, Gujarati, Telugu and Kannada, as also in English. Way2 editors scour multiple news sources, local dailies, TV news channels, websites and blogs, RSS feeds, magazines and summarize each news story in just 400 characters. The idea is to enable the reader to assimilate all the major occurrences across the world without having to spend too much time poring over lengthy articles. However, in case the reader wants to read further, there is the option of going to the original site for exploring the news in greater detail.

The genesis of offering this new product is that we want to become an essential part of our consumers daily lives like we already have with way2sms. Way2 gets over 400,000 visitors a day and sees 12,000 new downloads. News consumption is a daily habit for most people. Also a huge chunk of people may have access to the Net but not to news in their local language. With way2, we are foraying into the large untapped segment of news readers who want to consume news in their native language.

With a 45 million strong user base we have the aspiration to become a matter of habit for our users. The local language user base has increased by 47 per cent in June 2015 (as compared to June 2014). The next surge of Internet users will be from the rural and suburban areas who would want more content in the vernacular. And with news being the most essential of all content, way2 seeks to fulfill the need of this particularly huge segment.

So there s lot of excitement and promise as also there is lot of research and diligence as we go live with way2. Considering the multitude of mobile phone devices with differing viewing windows, coupled with varied availability of internet across India s geography, Way2 faced a huge challenge with respect to ensuring seamless viewing. The Way2 app that you see has undergone hundreds of hours of testing on various devices, to ensure uninterrupted reading pleasure. To access Way2: It s pretty simple. Search for Way2News app, click download, confirm phone authentication with provided access number, and Way2 is all set. You can customize the app for language, subjects you prefer reading about, and also search current and previous posts about any topic/subject.

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