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Safety: Keeping Your Account Secure

Posted on 20th Dec 2011

Safe SMSing: The Basics

We want Way2sms to be a safe and open portal. This help post provides some information and tips to help you practice safe SMS ing and keep your account secure. Here are some basics:

  • Use a strong password.
  • Watch out for suspicious links, and always make sure you re on before you enter your login information.
  • Don't give your username and password out to untrusted third-parties
  • Make sure your computer and operating system is up-to-date with the most recent patches, upgrades, and anti-virus software.

We're working to improve our responses to security threats, but user accounts and computers can sometimes become compromised by phishing, hacks, or viruses. If you think your account has been compromised, We suggest to change your account password. The immediate solution to fix it quickly!

You can help protect your account by following some easy precautions, discussed below.

Use a Strong and Unique Password

When you set up your account, be sure to choose a strong password (at least 6 characters that include upper and lower case characters, numbers, and symbols). We highly recommend that you use a unique password for each website you use; that way, if one account gets compromised, the rest are safe.

Also, please use a secure and private email address to associate with your Way2SMS account. If you forget your password, you'll be able to get instructions for resetting it emailed to that address.

Always Check that You're at Before Logging In

Phishing is when someone tries to trick you into giving up your username and password, usually so they can send out spam to all your contacts from your account. Often, they ll try to trick you with a link that goes to a fake login page.

Make sure you're on before logging in: Whenever you are prompted to enter your Way2sms password, just take a quick look at the URL and make sure you're actually on

You can find the URL in the address bar of your browser. Way2sms domains will always have the as the base domain. Here are some examples of Way2sms login pages:


Phishing websites will often look just like Way2sms's login page, but will actually be a website that is not Way2sms. Here are some examples of URLs that are NOT Way2sms pages:


If you think you may have been phished, change your password as soon as possible

Log in directly at if you're unsure: If you re ever uncertain of a website, just type into your browser bar, hit enter, and log in directly from our homepage.

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