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Changes to way2sms platform according to new SMS regulations by TRAI

Posted on 04th Nov 2011

Dear User,

As many of you may be aware, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recently issued new regulations on the SMS industry in India. These regulations are designed to significantly curb the sending of unsolicited commercial SMSes to consumers. Starting from sept 27th 2011 every SMS service provider has to adhere to the new TRAI NCPR (National Customer Preference Register (NCPR)) guidelines. Check for more details on new TRAI guidelines.

Being the Leader in the mobile messaging, Way2sms strictly adheres to TRAI guidelines from Sept 27th in order to protect consumer privacy from SMS spammers. As part of implementing new TRAI guidelines, way2sms has worked tirelessly to further upgrade our internal processes, technology, and team to ensure smooth functioning of the whole messaging activity on way2sms.

In order to adhere to TRAI guidelines way2sms is also changing its messaging policies from 27th of Sept. 2011 onwards.

Changes on way2sms

  • According to the New TRAI guidelines,Starting from Sept 27th 2011 messages sent via way2sms does not deliver SMSes to DND Registered mobile numbers. However, Way2SMS displays DND Registered mobile numbers data while submitting your message.
  • Also Way2SMS is changing its group Message structure. Messages sent via way2sms will be sent as TD- 677800 (677800 is the Unique number allotted by Telecom operator to way2sms) as the sender.Your Mobile number and a 8 letter Nick name will be inserted in your message by default.No longer you can send SMS with mobile number as sender.However you can continue to enjoy 140 characters message same as before.
  • Also According to TRAI new regulations, way2sms does not allow messaging between 9PM to 9AM every day.

We seek your understanding as we continue to employ our best efforts to ensure smooth functioning of the way2sms platform.

We regret any inconvenience caused to you.

Enjoy SMSing

Way2SMS Team.

Note: Way2SMS doesn't Send group SMS to DND registered numbers. To Receive Messages from group sms you must de-Register by texting STOP DND to 1909.

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sridhar :
28th Oct 2011

I'm really disappointed by the TRAI Rules. I always use way2sms to sms for my friends.:-(

raj :
28th Oct 2011

Plzase Request TRAI to facilitate me to send SMS 24 hrs.So please de please de- Register all my friends Stop DND to 1909

28th Oct 2011

why are the messages not submit way2sms does not deliver group SMSes to DND registered Numbers.

pawan :
28th Oct 2011

i like this lovely site

Manish :
28th Oct 2011

I was really upset, I will share regular messages my friends, TRAI rules is BAD

vijaybabu :
27th Oct 2011

Oru Naliku 100 Msg. Sent pananumra rules konjam relief panunga romba kastama iruku idanala all networkum maximum loss analum akalam. so, please relief this rules.

piya :
27th Oct 2011

After sending sms STOP DND to 1909 it gives message that incorrect ketword. How to get rid of DND to receive smes from way2sms

lakshman :
27th Oct 2011

plz stop this trai.. itz really disturbing.. ho my god save pl.........lord siva

jagadish :
27th Oct 2011

its too stupid one there is no rights to comunicate means how we say is it Democratic country

ram :
27th Oct 2011

This is not fare to TRAI.the worst thing is they dont know how to use the available spectrum efficiently.worst government and dirty trai. what the people in trai are doing is simply sitting eating and earning money. get rid of that.if they have a good brains use efficiently by not to imposing restrictions just by making help ful

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