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Posted on 08th Oct 2011

We hit a big milestone on 8th of Aug 5 million people around the country are now using WAY2SMS. This is a really delightful moment for us.So We just wanted to take this moment to say, "THANKS" to every one


* We are adding more than 25000 new users every day * Ranked as top 3oth most used portal in india( source: alexa). * Delivering over 120 million messages every month * generating more than 150 million page views in a month. * users from across 126 countries.

Being the first player to introduce free messaging, we continued our innovation with free email alerts on mobile, integration of IMs etc.,.Positioning WAY2SMS as a 360° communication tool has helped us to become 5 million strong in very short period.

We became part of your life by carrying your emotions, feelings and happiness.We spend all our time here trying to build the best possible product that enables you to become more organized and stay connected, so the fact that we're growing so quickly all over the world is very rewarding. Thanks for all your support and stay tuned for more great things in the future.

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11th Oct 2011

Yeh way2sms ek dum mast hai mujhe pasand aya our mai yeh istemal karke khush hoon!

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