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Come November, and we unveil our new identity

Posted on 14th Oct 2015

Hello there everyone. We told you in our last blog how way2sms app is going to don a new identity very soon. And that too without taking away from the comfort of experience that you already have with us. Well all this is not just to raise the curiosity quotient but to keep you all in the loop of information so that you are up and about to receive us in our new package as and when it happens. We plan to give a whole new look and feel to the app and as the tagline of our mailer says, ' We connected you to your friends; now we connect you to the whole world.'

So the most important question in your mind would be - why change? Well for us a change is not merely bringing about a new thing, it is also a step up on our progress curve. After carefully analyzing the needs of our users, what is it that they really want, we went in for a well thought out change. This change, like we have said before is an extension of what way2sms already is and of course has a twist of something new.

As you can see, we have a brand new logo, which is a precursor to the new look that our app is also going to get - something simplistic yet snazzy at the same time. You also know that November is the month where we bare it all - our new look, our new service and believe you us, despite the novelty of it all, you will transition so smoothly into our new form, it would be just like stepping into a pair of your most comfortable shoes.

The countdown has begun. Come November, and we will unveil our new identity.

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