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Way2SMS Reaches 20 Million Registered Users

Posted on 08th Oct 2011

Way2SMS, India s leading person to person communication network announced today that it has reached a milestone of 20 million users. Its platform is managing a massive 365 million mobile contacts and is reaching over 55 million unique mobiles every month. Way2sms adds about 7 lakh new users to its service every month.

The website is visited by users from 30 countries every day. Currently, way2sms is one among top 25 most visited portals in India and also one among top 500 in the world according to

Mr. V V Raju, Founder & CEO said With twenty million registered users, one in every four or five Internet users in India are registered with us. This feat allows us to compete with the leading social networking brands around the globe . Mr. Raju also added SMS Prices are dropping globally. The global scenario is becoming much more exciting. We are seriously looking out to take our success story to other countries. We want to take way2sms globally and would love to grow as skype for messaging .

Way2sms is the only company from India grown the Silicon Valley style with word of mouth as the primary media to reach massive consumer base. Unlike Silicon Valley startups which are heavily funded, we are a bootstrapped company with global stature. Way2sms was the eight fastest growing keyword according to google Indiazeitgeist-2010 competing with names such as facebook and twitter.

Way2SMS offers variety of web enabled services for free. User can get e-mail alerts on mobile besides sending messages for free. 82 percent of way2SMS users are aged between 18-30.

Besides adding tremendous value to consumers, way2sms has also been used by over 1800 non-profit organizations to communicate, which includes Hospitals, Schools, Police departments, Revenue divisions, agricultural departments and other government bodies across the states in the country.

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Jenifer :
20th Oct 2011

Are there chances of improving way2sms as a worldwide sms site? This is very reliable within the country so I feel that if we could send SMS to Gulf and US n Canada as well it would be great. Hopefully this will be considered as a positive implementation. Thank you Love you way2sms :)

12th Oct 2011

way2sms is the best way to send sms

12th Oct 2011

way2sms is back and we are delivering your 1 to 1 messages to any mobile,any time.

12th Oct 2011


11th Oct 2011

i am noufal from kannur.i like to this site

10th Oct 2011

good system

09th Oct 2011


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