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KISS - Keep it short n simple

Want food? How about instant noodles or curry packs? Want entertainment? How about live streaming? Want news? How about a short news app?

Fast paced lives, technology and gadgets have turned instant gratification into an imperative and not a luxury that it was once considered to be. The theory of a longer route being the righter route is no longer valid in the age of the internet. Be it the little tweets or the short news apps, the formula is simple- the acronym translates to KISS Keep it short n simple.

It s been a little less than a year since way2 made a formal foray into the short news space in Dec 2015. The numbers have grown exponentially since then and we d like to let you know how we work to get you the best, the most relevant and the right crux of the news in less than 400 characters from a news piece which may run into 400-1000 words.

So there is a method to the madness. It is not mere precis writing. It is about holding the essentials of what, where, why, when, how in place. It is getting the bang for each letter and word that we put there.

We have Donald Trump in the news every day, but what is the news piece really trying to say, about how much of a bigot he is, or how lame some of his statements are or how the whole world is scared to have a xenophobic guy run the most powerful country in the world.

We also have a new phone being launched almost every month. But what does our reader want to know. The phone specifications or its price or its availability or company credibility or how this has one particular feature that everyone is dying to know about.

There is a murder which TV anchors have been crying hoarse over for over a year. But do we give it as plain facts or temper it a bit to make it lose the sensationalism?

That got you thinking right? Well yes indeed, short news is anything but a small job. Sifting through hundreds of news stories to write those 100 which will interest our reader, is not child s play. And then the peg, the essence of a news piece, which will stay with the reader, is a matter of reporting integrity where you sensationalize less and present more of factual information without distorting the story thread. And last but not the least, is giving all of this within minutes of what happens as it happens.

So we have to be thinking quick on the feet, slow on the sensationalism or sleaze, rapid on the delivery, and high on content. Short news is not selling news short, short news is the BIG news in today s time and space. Get your short news, get way2.



Beware of fraudsters who call up to say way2SMS has a lucky prize for you

We have recently received mails from our users informing us of how they have been tricked by fraudsters, who have falsely claimed that they are from way2sms. Just to give you an idea of how these tricksters operate. An unsuspecting user gets a call. The caller identifies himself by falsely stating that he is from way2sms. The caller then weaves a fictitious story saying, You have won a necklace worth Rs.6500 in a lucky draw and also phone talk time of Rs.3000. Thereafter he asks the person receiving the call to pay Rs 995 as taxes to get that gift.

Some gullible users have fallen prey to these trick calls. They have actually paid the money and got a trashy necklace worth not more than Rs 50 and a fake recharge coupon, which obviously does not work. This seems to be a classic case of organized fraud wherein different users are getting calls from different numbers projecting the same story of lucky draw and free talk time. When the same number from which the call came is contacted again, it seems that there is no right person to take that call.

We have received mails from various areas across the country, so this is not a region-specific fraud. We would like to inform our users that way2sms has not conducted any such lucky draw and if they receive a phone call such as one mentioned above, they must know that it is a fraud. Nor are we as a company doling out free talk time to any users. We would urge you to exercise utmost caution in the event of any such phone call and write to us immediately informing us of the phone number of the caller so that legal action can be taken at our end.



Come November, and we unveil our new identity

Hello there everyone. We told you in our last blog how way2sms app is going to don a new identity very soon. And that too without taking away from the comfort of experience that you already have with us. Well all this is not just to raise the curiosity quotient but to keep you all in the loop of information so that you are up and about to receive us in our new package as and when it happens. We plan to give a whole new look and feel to the app and as the tagline of our mailer says, ' We connected you to your friends; now we connect you to the whole world.'

So the most important question in your mind would be - why change? Well for us a change is not merely bringing about a new thing, it is also a step up on our progress curve. After carefully analyzing the needs of our users, what is it that they really want, we went in for a well thought out change. This change, like we have said before is an extension of what way2sms already is and of course has a twist of something new.

As you can see, we have a brand new logo, which is a precursor to the new look that our app is also going to get - something simplistic yet snazzy at the same time. You also know that November is the month where we bare it all - our new look, our new service and believe you us, despite the novelty of it all, you will transition so smoothly into our new form, it would be just like stepping into a pair of your most comfortable shoes.

The countdown has begun. Come November, and we will unveil our new identity.



Something big is gonna happen soon


Ahoy there everyone. It s been a time since we connected. But the buzz is on at way2sms. Because all this time we have been working on how to improve the experience for our consumers. Our facebook pages have seen a sudden spurt of posts, all of you have sent along many like s , which only goes to show how wonderfully we connect as a community.

Way2sms is going to get even more exciting, user-friendly and up with the times than ever before. You loved the convenience, we plan to give more of it to you. You loved the connect it offers, we plan to connect you to the whole world now. You loved the app, we shall now offer added advantages with it. To cut a long story short, we are going to get crisper, nattier and smarter, much like the consumers who are associated with us, who demand more things as technology takes a curve for the better.

There is no denying that connectivity is the mantra of today s day and time. And this is the reason why we have so many of you subscribing to the website as well as the app. Just to give you a heads up on how big the way2sms family is, we have a 45 million strong user base, which is extraordinary because we have reached here without any real ad spend. Therefore it has simply been on the steam of the product that we have such a strong user community. We have close to 1 crore screen views everyday. With 11,000 new users being added each day, way2sms has already established its position as a crowd puller as far as its services are concerned.

So what is the aim hereafter? As we embrace new users to our platform we want to be abreast with what is happening around us and keep our users informed of the same. We want our existing consumer base to enjoy the comfort of habit that they have built with us while also embracing new users and giving them their bang for the buck. So buckle up and get ready for an all-new exciting ride with way2sms. We are going to dish out something which is going to have you floored. Watch this space for more.



Way2SMS seeks to adapt to changing tech trends - Live Mint

Firm plans to acquire e-commerce companies that have a viable business model, but are unable to attract traffic

Hyderabad: When Raju Vanapala, 31, started personal computer-to-mobile phone messaging service Way2SMS in December 2006, he had no inkling that in five years it would become one of India s fastest growing Internet companies with 19 million users, adding an average 24,000 new users daily.

On the way, Way2SMS achieved another feat it ended 2010 as the eighth fastest rising keyword searched on Google India in the year, behind Indian Railways website IRCTC, mobile phone maker Micromax, video sharing website YouTube, football s governing body Fifa, social networking site Facebook, cricket live score and microblogging site Twitter, in that order.

Vanapala s business model is simple. He buys short messaging service (SMS) packs in bulk from mobile phone companies, including Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Idea Cellular Ltd, and offers text messaging free of cost to registered users of Way2SMS, operated by Way2Online Interactive India Pvt. Ltd.

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Way2SMS Reaches 20 Million Registered Users

Way2SMS, India s leading person to person communication network announced today that it has reached a milestone of 20 million users. Its platform is managing a massive 365 million mobile contacts and is reaching over 55 million unique mobiles every month. Way2sms adds about 7 lakh new users to its service every month.

The website is visited by users from 30 countries every day. Currently, way2sms is one among top 25 most visited portals in India and also one among top 500 in the world according to

Mr. V V Raju, Founder & CEO said With twenty million registered users, one in every four or five Internet users in India are registered with us. This feat allows us to compete with the leading social networking brands around the globe . Mr. Raju also added SMS Prices are dropping globally. The global scenario is becoming much more exciting. We are seriously looking out to take our success story to other countries. We want to take way2sms globally and would love to grow as skype for messaging .

Way2sms is the only company from India grown the Silicon Valley style with word of mouth as the primary media to reach massive consumer base. Unlike Silicon Valley startups which are heavily funded, we are a bootstrapped company with global stature. Way2sms was the eight fastest growing keyword according to google Indiazeitgeist-2010 competing with names such as facebook and twitter.

Way2SMS offers variety of web enabled services for free. User can get e-mail alerts on mobile besides sending messages for free. 82 percent of way2SMS users are aged between 18-30.

Besides adding tremendous value to consumers, way2sms has also been used by over 1800 non-profit organizations to communicate, which includes Hospitals, Schools, Police departments, Revenue divisions, agricultural departments and other government bodies across the states in the country.



10 million users and growing

As of today, Way2SMS now serves 10 million people across the country. It's a large number, Just 8 months ago we served less than half as many people, and thanks to you we've made great progress over the last year towards reaching every corner in the country. The rapid pace of our growth is humbling and exciting for us, and it affirms that people everywhere are realizing the power of staying connected to others via Way2SMS.

So today as we celebrate our 10 millionth user, we're doing what we like doing most building and launching new products for users. This week we'll host a celebration at our headquarters, and we'll release a handful of new things that will improve users experience on way2sms, including a couple that users have requested a lot.

On this Occasion we would like to share several facts behind way2sms

  • The site we all use every day is built by a relatively small group of the smartest engineers who are solving substantial problems and each making a huge impact for the 10 million users using way2sms.
  • Way2SMS is the 5th largest most visited domestic internet property in India.
  • Way2SMS is generating over 250 million page views every month
  • Way2SMS is reaching over 28 million unique mobiles every month
  • Way2SMS is delivering over 225 million messages every month.
  • Way2SMS has delivered over 3000 million messages so far.
  • Way2SMS is reaching over 10% of total internet audience in India according to comscore
  • Way2SMS is managing over 170 million contacts on its platform.
  • Currently way2sms is the fastest growing portal in India with a new acquisition rate of over 25000 new users a day.
  • Way2SMS has delivered over 800 million IMs(gtalk, yahoo messenger) so far.
  • Every way2sms user is recommending way2sms to atleast 2 other people.

We thank all of you for helping us to reach the current level. We hope to serve you and many more people in increasingly deep and innovative ways in the months and years ahead. Thanks again for making way2sms a part of your life.



5 million users discovered their way to communicate

We hit a big milestone on 8th of Aug 5 million people around the country are now using WAY2SMS. This is a really delightful moment for us.So We just wanted to take this moment to say, "THANKS" to every one


* We are adding more than 25000 new users every day * Ranked as top 3oth most used portal in india( source: alexa). * Delivering over 120 million messages every month * generating more than 150 million page views in a month. * users from across 126 countries.

Being the first player to introduce free messaging, we continued our innovation with free email alerts on mobile, integration of IMs etc.,.Positioning WAY2SMS as a 360° communication tool has helped us to become 5 million strong in very short period.

We became part of your life by carrying your emotions, feelings and happiness.We spend all our time here trying to build the best possible product that enables you to become more organized and stay connected, so the fact that we're growing so quickly all over the world is very rewarding. Thanks for all your support and stay tuned for more great things in the future.