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Revolutionary Free Talk Time features rolled out on way2sms

In 2006 - Way2SMS asked "Why can't personal SMSing be FREE?"

2012 - Again Way2SMS questions "Why can't mobile Talk time be FREE?"

Everyday you share so many links and exchange emails with your friends. Along with those, send our advertisers products or brands to your friends via Gmail and Yahoo mail. You get rewarded every time your friend visits advertisers website.

How Can I get Free Talk Time??

Your Contacts, friends and Social Connections are your asset. Now at Way2SMS, You can earn free recharge in 2 ways

1) Share & Win:

Share our advertiser Social ads to your facebook, Twitter friends .

You will get paid for every Unique visitor you drive to advertiser website.

2) Email & Win:

Recommend Our advertisers products services to your Gmail or Yahoo mail contacts.

You will get paid for every Unique visitor you drive to advertiser website.

Way2SMS will reward you with a certain recharge amount for every Unique visitor you drive to advertiser website. You can Convert this amount to recharge after Reaching Rs.10. Way2SMS Supports recharge on all major telecom operators In India.



Safety: Keeping Your Account Secure

Safe SMSing: The Basics

We want Way2sms to be a safe and open portal. This help post provides some information and tips to help you practice safe SMS ing and keep your account secure. Here are some basics:

  • Use a strong password.
  • Watch out for suspicious links, and always make sure you re on before you enter your login information.
  • Don't give your username and password out to untrusted third-parties
  • Make sure your computer and operating system is up-to-date with the most recent patches, upgrades, and anti-virus software.

We're working to improve our responses to security threats, but user accounts and computers can sometimes become compromised by phishing, hacks, or viruses. If you think your account has been compromised, We suggest to change your account password. The immediate solution to fix it quickly!

You can help protect your account by following some easy precautions, discussed below.

Use a Strong and Unique Password

When you set up your account, be sure to choose a strong password (at least 6 characters that include upper and lower case characters, numbers, and symbols). We highly recommend that you use a unique password for each website you use; that way, if one account gets compromised, the rest are safe.

Also, please use a secure and private email address to associate with your Way2SMS account. If you forget your password, you'll be able to get instructions for resetting it emailed to that address.

Always Check that You're at Before Logging In

Phishing is when someone tries to trick you into giving up your username and password, usually so they can send out spam to all your contacts from your account. Often, they ll try to trick you with a link that goes to a fake login page.

Make sure you're on before logging in: Whenever you are prompted to enter your Way2sms password, just take a quick look at the URL and make sure you're actually on

You can find the URL in the address bar of your browser. Way2sms domains will always have the as the base domain. Here are some examples of Way2sms login pages:


Phishing websites will often look just like Way2sms's login page, but will actually be a website that is not Way2sms. Here are some examples of URLs that are NOT Way2sms pages:


If you think you may have been phished, change your password as soon as possible

Log in directly at if you're unsure: If you re ever uncertain of a website, just type into your browser bar, hit enter, and log in directly from our homepage.



What we've been up to

This is not a proper blog post, but more of a status update.

Have you spotted our new "Get Free Recharge" feature in Way2SMS?

Yes, We are experimenting with the revolutionary concept to offer "Free Talk time" to our users. We are glad to say that we have had overwhelming response during the trail period. With all this energy, we are gearing up to revolutionize "Free talk time" in a big way. Currently, The whole team is busy with last minute bug fixing and GUI beautification tweaks. So, we are just a few days away to roll out this to all of you.

More information to follow soon



I Promise

We know many of you are facing delivery issues and partial service disruptions from last 6 weeks. The dynamics of the message termination has changed totally due to the TRAI New guidelines. Also, the service disruptions began after the implementation of the SMS Spam guideliness by TRAI . Being the Leader in the person to person messaging, Way2sms strictly adheres to TRAI guidelines in order to protect consumer privacy from SMS spammers .

However, I wanted to reassure you all that we are working hard to improve the quality of delivery and I Promise.. we will soon come up with a good news.

Raju Vanapala,

Founder & CEO, Way2SMS.



The inside-view of our office.

We'd love to show off our office. We feature one picture every week from here onward.

Snap taken at 2AM in the night....




Diwali on Way2SMS:Almost a Record-breaker

On Wednesday, we saw a huge traffic spike due to Diwali. During the early hours of the day we have observed steady raise in the message submission, and this reached to peak by 11 AM. In fact, by 3PM, the count of messages per hour was nearing 3 times average hourly levels.

The spike was so structured and we nearly assumed it was a record.

A search of our database, though, revealed an even busier hourlong period on 31st night. On Wednesday, OCT 26, the 11AM IST hour was almost a record, with above 5 times average traffic.

We re thrilled that people across the world are using way2sms to share about their exciting diwali moments with their closest friends and family, and we look forward to seeing this record broken again and again over the coming months.



Changes to way2sms platform according to new SMS regulations by TRAI

Dear User,

As many of you may be aware, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recently issued new regulations on the SMS industry in India. These regulations are designed to significantly curb the sending of unsolicited commercial SMSes to consumers. Starting from sept 27th 2011 every SMS service provider has to adhere to the new TRAI NCPR (National Customer Preference Register (NCPR)) guidelines. Check for more details on new TRAI guidelines.

Being the Leader in the mobile messaging, Way2sms strictly adheres to TRAI guidelines from Sept 27th in order to protect consumer privacy from SMS spammers. As part of implementing new TRAI guidelines, way2sms has worked tirelessly to further upgrade our internal processes, technology, and team to ensure smooth functioning of the whole messaging activity on way2sms.

In order to adhere to TRAI guidelines way2sms is also changing its messaging policies from 27th of Sept. 2011 onwards.

Changes on way2sms

  • According to the New TRAI guidelines,Starting from Sept 27th 2011 messages sent via way2sms does not deliver SMSes to DND Registered mobile numbers. However, Way2SMS displays DND Registered mobile numbers data while submitting your message.
  • Also Way2SMS is changing its group Message structure. Messages sent via way2sms will be sent as TD- 677800 (677800 is the Unique number allotted by Telecom operator to way2sms) as the sender.Your Mobile number and a 8 letter Nick name will be inserted in your message by default.No longer you can send SMS with mobile number as sender.However you can continue to enjoy 140 characters message same as before.
  • Also According to TRAI new regulations, way2sms does not allow messaging between 9PM to 9AM every day.

We seek your understanding as we continue to employ our best efforts to ensure smooth functioning of the way2sms platform.

We regret any inconvenience caused to you.

Enjoy SMSing

Way2SMS Team.

Note: Way2SMS doesn't Send group SMS to DND registered numbers. To Receive Messages from group sms you must de-Register by texting STOP DND to 1909.



Less than 10 sec SMS delivery Bench Mark

Every day, millions of SMSes are being sent via Way2SMS. The numbers are growing rapidly. The following numbers tells the story of how we ve grown over the past 3 years in terms of number of SMS delivered per day.

Users were sending over 3 lakh SMSes per day in 2008. By 2009 that number was 15 lakh SMS per day, and by 2010 it has grown to 75 lakh per day. Today we are delivering more than 15 million SMS per day. That s an average of 250 throughput per second.

As we consider Way2SMS messaging as highly time critical messaging, we have tailored our platform to deliver every single message (either from quick SMS or sent from group SMS) in less than 10 seconds time. Currently our platform can handle up to 1000 SMS per second and can be scaled easily up to 2000 SMS per second.

As an undisputed leader in messaging, we continued our innovation by building top quality platform with redundancy at every level to ensure zero loss of messages during the message transmission. With our engineers continuous efforts, we have achieved over 95% delivery rates in less than 10 sec during the last month.

Also, a dedicated monitoring team continuously checks deliveries to various networks in different circles. This ensures identifying delivery issues to various networks in matter of few minutes, helps us to coordinate with telecom operators to resolve such issues in quick time.



All about WAY2SMS Blog

We have seen explosive growth in the last couple of years. We have been adding a million new users for every 40 days. As a result, tens of thousands of mails, requests and feedbacks sent to Way2SMS every week - inspired us and got us thinking.Over the last couple of months, I have been trying to figure out ways to reach out, listening, and generally get more in touch with those outside of No.89,Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.

The first visible and quick result of that is WAY2SMS BLOG. I hope this will bridge the gap between you and Way2SMS.As you might expect, the first post is by Raju Vanapala , CEO of Way2SMS. Over the coming weeks and months, other folks from our team will make appearances to talk about who they are, what they do, and so on.

at Way2SMS Blog, You could find posts on Feature updates, Whats going on at Way2SMS, New features, Answers to user FAQs, Technology awareness, Insiders (Engineers, UI designers etc.,) experience, Behind the screen stories and Our milestones

If there are topics you'd like to see show up on the blog, post a comment to let us know.

Stay Connected, Lot more to come


Raju Vanapala


raju at

On twitter @rajuvanapala